Мари Де Ля Вилль Боже Marie de La Ville Baugé

Marie de La Ville Baugé, is a nomadic documentary artist. Originally from France where whe grew up surrounded by artists, she worked in Cambodia, Sudan and Russia.

‘’For the past 12 years in Russia, I have been fully engaged in observing in Moscow, Russian regions and neighboring countries, the stigmata of the fall of Soviet Union, the print of nowadays politics and the rise of a post-modernist Russia. Tomorrow, is a time that has still not arrived, but will definitely come. But I notice, that every day, the frontier between yesterday’s world, and tomorrow’s is fluctuating, moving forward and sometimes backwards.

As a photographer, I explore the border between ‘’extreme unflinching realism’’ and write my own fiction by adding layers of drawings, I sew stories and memories, I paint thoughts.

I am interested in all urban environments, its ascetic, the international character of its high-rise buildings, his yet depressing form of alienation. But it is so common to everyone, that, sometimes, I make color appear. I pay attention to all the architectural elements including abandoned or working factories, power stations, power line towers. I like to study ruins, contemporary ones, as an anthropologist of modern times would do with neglected civilizations destroyed by Utopia’s legacy and thwarted promises.

Although my approach is not political but purely artistic, I am also interested by the topic of open and closed world and the bordering territories in between the restricted territories and the liberated one.’’