''Paris-Berlin-Moscou'' Installation, Moscow Museum of Modern Art Petrovka, Moscow, June-August 2015

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Trilingual Centre for Children P’tit CREF, presents an international student project Paris – Berlin – Moscow. The Contemporary City. The exhibition has already taken place in Paris and Berlin. Now it is the turn of Moscow with the final stage of the project. 

The French artist Marie de La Ville Baugé has made a fresco painting specifically for the Moscow exhibition, using the photos of the project participants and her own artworks. Focusing on the Russian capital, the artist provides a multifaceted perspective of contemporary Moscow, comprising the impressions of different generations about the city. The photographer Ivan Pustovalov will present a photo series, where he has first worked with children, creating austere portraits in the style of Rembrandt. Kim Kegelev will display several graphic works as well as a motley photo collage from the city life scenes children captured on film camera. His large-format works on kraft paper evoke the moral courage and strength of character of a person who manages the landscape of her urban environment on her own. Here people are actors performing among the scenery made by their proper hands.